4 ways to put your mental health first while OTR

Post Date - Mar 27, 2023

Life on the road can be hard – it takes a certain type of person to handle the challenges that come with sitting behind the wheel of a semi. With that in mind, Tyson found four effective ways to maintain your mental health while you’re on the road.

Get connected

One of the most beneficial steps you can take to care for your mental health is by connecting to others! Life on the road can feel isolating and CDL-A drivers frequently report that this is a huge reason for their mental health taking a downturn. Daily phone calls or Facetimes to your loved ones back home help keeps you motivated while you’re away from them. With weekly home time at Tyson, you can be sure that your times alone on the road won’t last long!

It's also important to get connected to the driver community. No one understands quite what life is like on the road like fellow professional drivers and others involved in the transportation industry. Tyson offers our drivers 24-hour support while they’re on the road, meaning that you’re never really alone!

Make your cab feel like home

Don’t underestimate the power of making your cab feel cozy and comfortable when looking for ways to care for your mental health. Bringing your favorite bedding can improve your sleep, having your laptop for your time off the clock can help you unwind, and keeping up photos of your loved ones can really make your cab feel like its yours! At Tyson, our drivers enjoy assigned trucks, giving you the freedom to personalize your cab to your exact needs and wants!

Tune into podcasts

Keeping yourself entertained as you drive long distances can make all the difference in maintaining a positive headspace! In 2023, there are plenty of options for streaming podcasts, audio books, and your favorite music all at the click of a button. Podcasts are increasing in popularity with CDL-A truck drivers in America because of the huge variety of genres they cover. From sports talk shows and podcasts featuring your favorite celebrities to ones that discuss everything that comes with trucking life, you’re sure to find something to your liking. When working to maintain your mental health, its important to make sure that you aren’t listening to all negative content as that can start to wear you down. Find your favorite positive podcast and get ready for the miles to fly by!

Plan time away

It may seem obvious, but many people overlook the fact that having something to look forward to can help motivate you during times of high stress or anxiety! Drivers have reported that planning time away from their professional lives keeps their spirits high while they’re on the road, away from their family and friends. Tyson understands that to be your best behind the wheel, you need time away from it! Which is why our drivers get nine paid holidays a year Set aside some time for you and your loved ones to take a mini vacation or even a staycation where you hang out at home and recharge! You can even mark the days in your calendar until they arrive!

Your mental health should be a top priority! Feel like your carrier could be doing more to support you? Connect with Tyson today and learn more about our lifelong driving careers!