6 Things You Need To Know About Being A Truck Driver

Post Date - Feb 8, 2021

Truck driving is unlike any other job. It’s a career that will push you mentally and physically. It takes you all over the country, keeps you away from home for days - sometimes weeks - at a time, and can be isolating for many. At the same time, trucking can also be a very freeing, enjoyable and worthwhile career. So what do you need to know about being a truck driver? Here are six things you should know about having a successful career in trucking:

1. Trucking can be a stressful job. You work long hours, deal with inattentive drivers on the road and spend a lot of time away from your friends and family. How you handle that stress will affect everything about your job. Know the ins and outs of safe driving so that you’re better equipped to handle difficult situations on the road. Other ways to help reduce job stress include getting plenty of sleep, taking time to relax, and seeking professional help for your mental health if you need it.

2. Good communication is key. While you’ll spend hours on the road by yourself as a truck driver, it’s the support behind you that will keep you moving. You’ll have to learn how to communicate with your dispatcher or driver manager since they’re the ones who are scheduling loads and will help you mediate any issues that come up on the road. They’re also the ones who will work hard to get you home when it’s time!

3. Balance is attainable…with the right company. OTR drivers are known for spending many days out on the road at a time. For some, that might be the ideal situation. For others, however, a great truck driving job includes frequent home time and a flexible schedule. This precious home time allows you to relax and recharge as well as spend time with your friends and family. When you’re looking for a carrier to work for, it’s important to not only look at their pay, but also their home time policy. At Tyson, our flexible home time, paid holidays and vacation give drivers more of the work/life balance they’re looking for.

4. Staying healthy takes planning. It’s no secret that truck drivers have a reputation for being unhealthy thanks to spending long hours sitting at the wheel and not always having access to healthier food options. Many people are surprised to learn that it is possible to stay fit and healthy while you’re on the road - it just takes some planning. We find that many truck drivers benefit from prepping their meals and ingredients at home, packing healthy snack options and opting for water over sugary drinks you might grab from a convenience store. Commit to being active daily, whether it’s hitting a gym, going for a walk or run, or doing workouts in your truck. YouTube is a great source for in-cab and minimal equipment workout routines.

5. Technology will be your lifeline. You might be physically alone when you’re on the road, but technology allows truck drivers to stay connected with their loved ones more than ever before. In addition to phone calls, you can use texting and video chats to check in with your friends and family multiple times a day. Using photos and video, you can show your family pieces of your own day while they can share events and activities happening at home with you. You can also use social media to keep in touch with a wider support network or other drivers on the road.

6. The freedom is worth it. Despite the fact that truck driving is a challenging career, many truckers will tell you that they love the job for the freedom it brings. Truck driving allows you to be more independent as you drive the open road. Instead of sitting behind a desk all day, truck driving is your opportunity to see the country. Each day is a new adventure, unmatched by any other career around.

What else would you like to know about truck driving? We’d be happy to answer your questions. Connect with us today!