Chauncey Moore

Post Date - Feb 26, 2021

With just two-and-a-half years of trucking experience behind him, Chauncey Moore has found success and hope behind the wheel as part of Tyson’s private fleet.

Recently named Tyson’s Driver of the Quarter in fourth quarter 2020, Chauncy says becoming a truck driver has been a great career move for him. “Becoming a professional truck driver has allowed me to provide [a good living] without having to invest thousands of dollars, and four to five years on the traditional college path,” Chauncey said. “I joined Tyson in March of last year and love it.”

Chauncey, who lives in Hendersonville, Tn., says it’s easy to pinpoint what he likes best about the profession. “It’s not even the actual physical driving of the truck, which I like, but it’s the sense of doing something right, making a difference,” he said. “It feels really good to succeed here.”

Soon after joining Tyson, Chauncey says he received a follow up call from his Tyson fleet manager praising him for how well he was doing and encouraging him. “I couldn’t believe it, that changed my whole perspective,” he said.

Now that Chauncey has a few years of experience to draw on, he has advice for new drivers today: Safety is key, but also teamwork. “I found that it is critical to develop relationships with your team. It’s awesome to be able to trust the people you work with.”

Chauncey encourages other CDL-A truck drivers to look closely at a career in Tyson Foods’ private fleet. “Honestly, my own success story here is a strong selling point. They have so much more to offer here other than the pay and benefits,” he says. “For me, the most important selling point is that Tyson offers me hope. Hope to succeed and hope to grow. Being a part of something is worth everything.”

If you’re looking for a fresh start or a place to grow your truck driving career, Tyson Foods has all the ingredients to fuel your successful future. As a global protein leader, Tyson Foods offers an excellent pay package for over-the-road drivers plus flexible home time and industry leading affordable health care benefits in a safe family environment.

We’d love for you to join Chauncey on the Tyson team so connect with us today to learn more.