Driver trainer Loyd Frost helps motorist in need

Post Date - Jul 7, 2021

When there’s an emergency on the road, truck drivers are often first on the scene to help someone in need. Recently, one of our drivers had an opportunity to do just that. Loyd Frost has been an OTR driver with us for years and is also a driver trainer and an all-around great employee. His wife, Terri Frost, reached out to let us know about Loyd’s courageous actions.

Terri told us that Loyd was driving through Texas when he saw a woman stuck in an overturned car. She had likely fallen asleep and gotten into an accident. As other vehicles drove by without stopping, Loyd helped the woman out of her car, called 9-1-1 and waited with her until first responders came. Once the ambulance and police got there, Loyd made sure the woman got checked out and showed the officers where her car was before getting back on the road.

“You know Loyd won’t say anything, but he needs a shout out,” says Terri. “I love my trucker!”

We are so proud to have Loyd as one of our drivers and representing Tyson Foods.

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