From farm to truck to table – Tyson is feeding the future

Post Date - Oct 8, 2021

At Tyson, we take care of our animals, our farmers and our drivers! This month, we’re all taking a little extra time to celebrate farmers (National Farmers Day is October 12th) and some of the ingredients they work hard to provide for us (World Vegetarian Day was October 1st)!

October is Vegetarian Awareness Month and even Tyson is getting into vegetables. Our Raised & Rooted products are a game-changer for vegetarians, flexitarians, and anybody else who is looking for plant-based protein that is healthy and delicious.

CDL-A truck drivers at Tyson haul the best animal and plant proteins from the best independent farmers in the country.

“One of the greatest things we have sustained is our relationship with our farmers,” John Tyson said. “We have to sustain each other. We need them and they need us.”

We depend on over 11,000 hardworking livestock and poultry farmers every day to provide our quality proteins.

“When people start to realize what’s happening on a farm I think they’ll develop a much better appreciation for where their food is coming from a sense of confidence that they’re food being produced in the United States really is safe and nutritious,” Poultry Farmer Daniel Heller said.

And Nature Raised Farms partners with farmers who don’t use antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. So, our drivers can feel good about delivering foods made with quality ingredients that nourish our communities.

If you’re looking to feed your future with an industry leader, check out Tyson’s CDL-A truck driver jobs today!