How to balance work and life as a truck driver

Post Date - Mar 29, 2021

Being a professional truck driver can certainly be a rewarding career, but, like most jobs, it doesn’t come without some sacrifices. Time at home and your relationships with your family are just two of things that can be affected the more time you spend on the road. While earning a great paycheck is nice, it’s also important to invest in yourself and the relationships that are important to you. Here are some of our favorite tips for balancing your work and life as a truck driver.

Get moving

As a truck driver, you’re spending a lot of time sitting behind the wheel. Taking time during the day to stretch and exercise not only gives you a much-needed break, but it’s great for your health, too. You’ll be able to work on your fitness goals, increase your energy level, reduce stress and improve your mood.

Prioritize sleep

Sleep is something that is often overlooked in the conversation of work-life balance, but it’s a very important piece. Lack of sleep is linked to hundreds of thousands of workplace accidents each year. When your job has you constantly on the road, getting enough sleep can mean the difference between life and death. Even logging and extra hour of sleep can help improve your cognitive abilities, benefit your physical health, and even help with anxiety and depression.

Focus on healthy eating

If you’re wanting a better work-life balance, what you’re putting into your body to fuel it is also part of the equation. Clean foods give your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs to function well and boosts your immune system. They can help protect you from chronic diseases that make your life - and your job as a driver - more difficult. Not only are you more likely to have fewer sick days, but having more energy will help you be more productive. Being able to do your job efficiently allows you to make the most of your time off, too.

Stay in touch

It’s important to stay connected to your family and friends when you’re spending your time on the road. Thankfully, technology has made this easier than ever. Not only are you able to make phone calls from wherever you are, but you can also text, send and receive photos, and chat face-to-face through video. You can even use FaceTime or other video apps to watch important family events, read bedtime stories to your kids, or even have a distanced date night.

Take time for things you enjoy

Your downtime is a great opportunity to do some of the things you love to do. This helps you relax and recharge. Find a new hobby or two that interest you. Read a book or catch up on your favorite television shows. You can even stay entertained while you’re driving by listening to an audiobook, your favorite music or an interesting podcast.

Get the home time you need

As much as we can focus on staying connected while we’re away, there’s still no substitute for time at home. If you’re wanting more home time, consider a regional driving job. At Tyson, our regional routes give drivers weekly home time while still offering great pay.

Learning how to have a good work-life balance is always a challenge. It’s likely that you’ll need to reevaluate and make changes along the way to ensure you’re managing it all. A good work-life balance looks a little different for every person, but these tips are great for getting you started.

If a better work-life balance is something you’ve been wanting, feel free to check out our regional truck driver opportunities. You’ll enjoy reliable weekly home time, great regional pay and a number of fantastic benefits. If you’re looking to get higher miles for more money, check out our OTR and team runs! Whatever type of driving job you’re looking for, Tyson has a place for you. Connect with us to learn more!