The advantages of assigned trucks: WHY DRIVERS DISLIKE SLIP SEATING

Post Date - Mar 14, 2022

Despite the fact that slip seating is almost universally disliked by truck drivers, there are many, many companies and carriers that employ slip seating as a way to utilize equipment more economically. Put simply, slip seating means that multiple drivers share a truck. At Tyson Foods, our private fleet of trucks is assigned to drivers for regional and OTR runs. Why is this such an important benefit to drivers?

The hassle factor
Many truck drivers who don’t like slip seating point to the hassle factor. You want to make your truck as comfortable as possible while you do your job. If you must move in and out all of your belongings after each run or shift, you are never able to get accustomed to the space like you can with an assigned truck.

The other guy
Other drivers may not take care of the equipment the same as you would. Many drivers who have had to contend with slip seating cite instances of neglect including cleanliness, cigarette odor, radio left blasting, compliance books missing and so on. With assigned trucks, you know there isn’t another driver moving things around, leaving belongings behind or not cleaning up.

Truck maintenance
Since slip seating increases the number of miles driven on each tractor, routine maintenance or repairs may come up more frequently. If it’s your assigned truck, you know how it has been driven, when it’s been serviced and what it should feel and sound like.

Health concerns
While the COVID pandemic is diminishing, many drivers prefer an assigned truck for health reasons. Even just during cold and flu season, having multiple drivers using the same enclosed space in rapid succession means germ warfare is important. Slip seating makes disinfecting and other health safety protocols a high priority before each driver change.

Interested in learning more?
In addition to assigned trucks on our regional and OTR jobs, Tyson Foods offers weekly home time, earnings of $85,000+ per year, 100% no touch freight, company-match and much more.

To join Tyson’s private fleet, applicants must be at least 21 years old and have at least 9 months of verifiable tractor-trailer experience within the last year, a valid CDL-A in your state of residence and live within one of the company’s hiring areas. For more information, connect with us today!