The trucker’s top 40 tunes for long hauls

Post Date - Sep 20, 2021

There’s nothing better than driving down the open road, windows down, the sun at your back, and listening to some of your favorite tunes. It’s the little things that can make a long haul a little more enjoyable. Listening to music while you drive not only helps keep you awake and alert, but it can also help lift your mood. Everyone probably has a favorite genre or go-to satellite radio station, but if you’re looking for songs written by truckers, for truckers or about truckers, here’s the Tyson Foods Top 40 list:

1. I’ve Been Everywhere, by Johnny Cash
2. On the Road Again, by Willie Nelson
3. Bud the Spud, by Stompin’ Tom Connors
4. The White Knight, by Cledus Maggard and The Citizen’s Band
5. I’m a Road Hammer, by The Road Hammers
6. Trucker’s Prayer, by Dave Dudley
7. Convoy, by C.W. McCall
8. Eastbound and Down, by Jerry Reed
9. Last of the Cowboys, by Tony Justice
10. Roll on (eighteen-wheeler), by Alabama
11. Teddy Bear, by Red Sovine
12. 18 Wheels and A Dozen Roses, by Katie Mattea
13. Trucking’, by the Grateful Dead
14. This is How We Roll, by Florida Georgia Line
15. 6 days on The Road, by Dave Dudley
16. Drivin’ My Life Away, by Eddie Rabbit
17. C.B. Savage, by Rod Hart
18. 30,000 pounds of Bananas, by Harry Chapin
19. Roll on Big Mama, by Joe Stampley
20. Asphalt Cowboy, by Jason Aldean
21. Phantom 309, by Red Sovine
22. Winner Takes It All, by Sammy Hagar
23. Give Me 40 acres, by The Willis Brothers
24. Tombstone Every Mile, by Dick Curless
25. Truck Driving Man, by Buck Owen
26. White Line Fever, by Merle Haggard
27. The Odious Death Of The Cracker King, by Long Haul Paul
28. Wolf Creek Pass, by C.W. McCall
29. Willin’, by Little Feat
30. Highway Junkie, by Randy Travis
31. Movin’ On, by Merle Haggard
32. King of The Road, by Roger Miller
33. Kansas City, by Wilbert Harrison
34. Ode to My Peterbilt, by Bill Weaver
35. Keep on Truckin’, by The Road Hammers
36. Freightliner Fever, by Dave Dudley
37. Mama Knows The Highway, by Hal Ketchum
38. Prisoner of The Highway, by Ronnie Milsap
39. Trucking Song, by Pure Grain
40. Brothers of the Highway, by Tony Justice


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